*Employer Resource* What to include in your Job Post

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Some companies simply knock-up a job advert without much thought, but still expect the perfect candidate!? By investing 1 hour of your time into creating an accurate and catchy job advert, you can make a huge difference in the type or the number of candidates who would consider applying for your role!

Here are the basics to consider when writing the perfect advert!

Job Title

There should be no room for ambiguity when recruiting – and that starts with your choice of job title. Get it right and potential candidates will have a good idea of what they’ll be doing and at what level. Confusing or misleading job titles are likely to attract applications from people with too much or not enough experience.

Main Duties

Detail exactly what the successful applicant will be doing. This enables people to decide whether they have the necessary skills, experience and attributes to perform the role successfully. If there might be the occasional need to perform other tasks, be clear about that and provide details. If you are prepared to offer training, state this!


Will they be based exclusively at your premises? Will they be required to work elsewhere all or some of the time? Might they even be able to work from home when possible?


Some employees will be more “money-motivated” than others, and in some roles (e.g. sales) this can be a good thing. However, all employees should know how they will be rewarded. As well as stating a basic pay scale (which allows you some room for negotiation), detail any bonuses and benefits you offer. Don’t be restrictive with the offer, you don’t want to lose your perfect candidate over the sake of a couple of grand.

You, The Employer

Potential candidates will want to know all about the business including; when it was formed, how many employees it has, where it operates, whether you’ve won any awards or comply with any quality management standards (e.g. UKAS, ARCA, ACAD). They’ll also want to get a feel for your culture and aims, to judge whether they can achieve their goals with you and ‘fit in’. Use the opportunity to “sell” your business to potential employees. Tell them why they should want to work for you, every business is different.