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Including a strong cover letter with your CV will allow you to get a personality into your cv, and give the employer a slight insight into how you could fit into the team. This small letter delivers such an impact, but yet it is so over looked by candidates nowadays with the quantity over quality approach to job-hunting.

Here is 10 tips to get you on your way…

1. Always send one! Tell them who you are, where you’ve been, where you want to be and in a big way, how prepared you are to get there!

2. Don’t rewrite your CV A cover letter is what makes your application personalised. There should be no need to rewrite your CV

3. First Paragraph and last line.Don’t start your CV off with a load of over-hyped waffle. Keep it structured and in the same tone from start to finish. End with a ‘call to action’ ask the reader to contact you

4. Talk about the company. Show the prospective employer that you have done your research. Say why you want to work with the. Explain how you could possibly compliment them.

5. Provide quality evidence of your qualities. Pick out some of the desirable/essential qualities the employer is looking for and talk in your cover letter about your skills in these areas to make you look for suitable

6. Reflect your personality. Show how excited you are about the opportunity and use positive and instilling words. Keep away from negativity as this may lead to the employer having negative thoughts.

7. Relevant and brief – make sure your information is relevant as the reader may well get bored.

8. Contact details. Ensure your contact details are current and correct. If this employer is to contact you, will this be easy for them to do. Also do they want to be emailing an offer to Think about a new contact email such as first name and surname.

9. Sign the letter A strong signal of authenticity can be achieved with a signature!

10. Neatness/Presentation. Clearly formatted, don’t be afraid to use an ‘office design template’ and make sure it is easy on the eye!