Asbestos Recruitment with a Difference

Asbecruit is an all-inclusive and fixed-fee way to recruit on an ongoing basis and was developed  to save Asbestos Companies £1000’s in ‘Introductory Fees’ from lazy and care-less recruitment companies claiming to offer a valued service!

Our easy to use software cuts out the ‘middle man’ and puts you in charge of recruiting as many staff as you please for a clear a concise cost, with no hidden charges or fees.

Asbecruit has been meticulously designed to be streamlined, user-friendly, and also on a cloud based system, allowing clients to use it on-the-go.

Available for just £985 for 12 months, this allows you to post as many job adverts as you want as and when you need too, as well as gaining continuous access to talented candidates in your Company Dashboard.

Not only that, but you’ll also get to promote your Company Brand, and highlight the benefits of working at your organisation with your own company profile.

What makes us unique?

  • Designed Specifically for the Asbestos Industry
  • Sophisticated, but User Friendly
  • We are all about Results
  • Local and Global reach across the Industry
  • Designed by Asbestos Recruitment Professionals
  • No Hidden Fees
  • We Provide a Product to Meet your Unique Vision
  • We Invest in our Industry's Future

The Ultimate Recruitment Package

Our package is designed around our clients and more importantly our industry!
  • Unlimited job listings (60 days)
  • Company Dashboard
  • Company Portfolio Branded with Logo
  • Unlimited Applicants
  • Web link to job for social campaign
  • Certificate of Membership and Logo “We Recruit with Asbecruit”
  • Discounts on Advertising Space
  • Asbecruit Target Campaigns - we will network with candidates
  • Social Media Promotion - we will share on our pages


Per year, 12 month's access Get started

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to compliment you. Here are some questions we have previously been asked.

What are the benefits of working with Asbecruit?

You have full control over the recruitment process, with the knowledge of knowing that you are only operating in the asbestos industry. You can enjoy a competitively priced product which is fully transparent, and comes with a wealth of knowledge and information

What will happen once I've sent my application?

This will go direct to the employer, who will contact you further!

Don't forget they will see exactly what you submit!

What if I don’t find a candidate for my vacancy?

There are no guarantees that a hire will take place. Your recruiting is managed by you and always offers a good level of branding for the company. If you're stuck, why not use our resources section or get in touch.

What are the benefits of working with Asbecruit?

You can apply direct to employers at anytime. Our free to sign-up 'Hub' is accessible 24/7 and has been designed to save users a lot of time. You can use the service with or without a CV and in the knowledge that we work solely in our specialised industry

Any other questions?

Send us a message using our contact page